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Shadow Vision is an American subscription streaming service owned by Shadow Industries . Launched on October 29, 1998, it offers a library of films and television series from all big networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Universal, FX Networks among others, as well as Shadow original programming.

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Shadow Wear Fashion

The mission of Shadow wear is to help you look great in every aspect. Its time to take control of your closet and give a fresh look to your old suits and other menswear. With our team you can be creative and design totally new look for yourself. In case you just need to replace a button or zipper on your favorite shirt or trousers we will do it for you with our pleasure.

We provide the best tailoring, alterations and repairs services in USA. We are always happy to see you at our store. For details call us +1(347)-517-1276.

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Shadow Mourning

Something personal happened to Shadow in the middle of Covid. He lost his very close freind who was his idol throughout his life. More like his father. This tragic event effected him deeply not only because of his closeness to the deceased but his inability to travel down to Indonesia for the cremation.

It was frustrating & very sad. Restrictions due to Covid made travel impossible. Though he totally understood the reason but the unfairness of life was like a real pain he suffered. That’s when he put his inventive mind to work and thought to himself, “ Why is it not possible for me to offer my condolences to his family with flowers and share some very memorable photo with them !

That would be fantastic ! At least we both can share his memories and even his favorite songs which he used to sing loudly out of tune in our binges in karaoke ! But all this was not possible though the concept was sound but such tools were not available then. You can’t put a man down like Shadow for long ! He went into his , ‘ Inventive Zone ‘, and started to bring these ideas and turn them to reality. To say that Necessity is the mother of all creation in this case would not be wrong.

There must be thousands of people in the world who are unable to attend to their loved ones and give them the last rites like himself, the sadness which is indescribable especially when families are torn apart in distances and by restrictions. These thoughts gave him the impetus to create an app which in reality is much more then a simple app. This was how Shadow Mourning was born.

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Shadow's World

Types of trips we design:

1) Beaches 2) Cooking 3) Temples/Ruins 4) Golfing 5) Train Trips 6) Windmills 7) Waterfalls 8) Volcanoes 9) Whale Watching 10) Scuba Diving 11) Architecture 12) WWII Sites 13) The Arts 14) Party 15) Nature 16) Sports 17) Weddings 18) Honeymoons

Corresponding numbers will be with countries.

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TravaSee the world with us

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We believe that traveling brings you the happiness of all time also makes you realize that the life you are living is not the only thing in this world.

It can enhance and regulate our imagination. It helps us to fill our minds with new vigor everyday. So by using Trava, you can find many new things about many new places.

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