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Paugh Shadow founded the American business shadow industries in 1993. For the past 25 years, the firm has dealt in a variety of industries, including fashion, entertainment, social work, and travel.

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Shadow Vison


Shadow Vison

Shadow Vision is an American subscription streaming service owned by Shadow Industries . Launched on October 29, 1997

Shadow Radio

Part of Shadow Vision is Shadow Radio, where you can stream music continuously and make your own playlists.

Shadow Films

Shadow Films has produced many films in the past years and will continue to make more in the future. The latest is called The Omicron Killer.

Actor | Businessmen | Film Maker

Paugh Shadow.

Owner of Shadow Industries Services since 2001. Running the company, advertising and web development. CEO Radio Broadcaster Travel Consultant Photographer since Jan 1993. Programming Station, Designing Trips for clients all over the world, Take photos for the travel site.

CEO since 1993, owner and Station Manager of Internet radio station broadcasting all over the world some of the coolest music ever made from musicians you know and others you haven't heard yet.

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Began his career at the age of seven. Paugh Shadow has acted in over 46 movies since 2006


In the past nine years, we have produced nine films in genres ranging from humor to action to horror.


We always love good stories So we wrote the screenplay for one of the very best covid era horror movie, "The Covid Killer"


Paugh Shadow, produce, write and act in very anticipating upcoming horror fillm "The Omicron Killer"


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